Oatmeal Cookie Bars

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I bake with oatmeal quite a bit. Chiefly because it’s cheap and lasts a long time in the pantry though also for it’s health benefits. During our baby years while there were infants to nurse, I’d eat plenty of oats everyday to help boost my milk supply. Now, I like to feed oatmeal to my kids in their snacks.

This recipe is one I make frequently because it’s quick to throw together and my husband in particular loves it. I adapted itIMG_0359_1 from a Holly Clegg recipe for low fat Oatmeal Cookies, making changes for convenience and our own personal taste preferences. This cookie bar has a creamy, chewy center and crispy exterior. It’s great for dipping in milk or to eat crumbled over ice cream. We also have them as a quick breakfast bar on the go or for a filling snack. I make a batch of these for my family every weekend to keep on hand for…

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Flourless Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Kiss My Casserole

Peanut butter + chocolate = a match made in heaven.

This combination in a healthy cookie? Count me in. These cookies are flourless and butter-free, and they taste amazing!

Another reason to love these cookies is that they are incredibly easy to make. They require 8 ingredients and a total of 30 minutes to prep, bake, and cool.

The base of these glorious cookies is the peanut butter. Feel free to use your favorite! I prefer the texture of Jif Extra Crunchy, but you could also use creamy. I reduced the sugar in the recipe by using Splenda Brown Sugar Blend. [Note: If you use regular brown sugar, be sure to use 3/4 cup rather than the 1/4 cup + 2 tablespoons called for in this recipe.] The oats add a little texture, and the dark chocolate morsels tie it all together.

Soft, chewy, and perfectly peanut butter-y, these cookies are hard…

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